Red car in the Geissberg vineyards, II


Addendum: Seen along Hauptstrasse. For M. Benaut in Adelaide who collects photos of 2CVs (deux chevaux).



M.Benaut said...

Merci Z.
Ce Citroën est un des meilleure que j'ai jamais vu.
La voiture a évidemment été a aimé pendant un temps très long par sa propriétaire.

claude said...

Aaaahhh! my Gtrandfather's car ! but it was not red ! Very good car ! Thank you !

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I remember seeing these little cars in European movies as a kid. And I thought they were cute.

Is it very comfortable?

claude said...

Z permit me to answer to ming the merciless. Yes that car was rather comfortable. You can use it without roof as cabriolet and it cannot run very speed. Any trip with that car is a true pleasure. Over here in Le Mans every year there is a gathering of a lot of Citroên 2cv (deudeuch)

Z said...

Ming: I haven't been in one, so thankfully, Claude has answered your question.

Claude: Thank you for telling us about your personal experience with the 2CV. I've seen a few on the highways here, I'll try to get photos if I see any more. I don't know how long they take to get up to 120 km/h -- must be must be a bit of time, unless they've boosted the original engine somehow.

claude said...

Right for the last ones that have a high-performance motor but the first ones goes slowler. It is a car pleasant to watch the landscape. With his last 2cv my grandfather drove 2 days from centre to south of the country.