I wonder what the moon saw

12:35 am on 2 August 2007 from Hauptstrasse, Villigen.
1/250s f/5.6 ISO80 full digital zoom

Hans Christian Andersen's What the Moon Saw at Fairy Tales Collection.


Moi said...

do i see a rabbit out there ;P

claude said...

the earth, no ? When the moon is full I cannot sleep. I saw it this 3 last nights very full and it was lighting up my garden and my kitchen. No need to put on the light to drink a glass of water !

Lavenderlady said...

My goodnes this is a wonderful photo. I'm bettingyou used a tripod too!

richard said...

Pretty impressive. There is a "standard" exposure for the moon, can't remember what it is, but looks like you nailed it here. Most people over expose it way too much

Z said...

Norma: Yes, I did use a tripod. At that zoom, I get a headache otherwise!

Richard: My camera is almost permanently on ISO80 and -2 EV, yes also for this shot according to the EXIF data. Sometimes I wonder if I have a freak sensor.