The one that's ready and the one that's waiting

The crops that I've been showing are almost all along the main road that becomes Hauptstrasse when it enters Villigen. Lots of variety in a small space. The village visible in the background is a neighboring village called Rüfenach.



GE said...

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Lavenderlady said...

I wonder if they both could be the same plant...the green was planted later, it is a fdifferent variety, etc. I googled wheat and it's images...and the one you showed yesterday still looks like wheat to me. Very interesting. My day was a wheat farmer in Oklahoma and I know he raised different varietites, based on hardiness and soil content.

claude said...

I think green crop is wheat and late a little bit. It ought to be most yellow. Your picture is interesting !

claude said...

is the difference of colours still vivible ? I think green crop is turning yellow a little.